Web design for your art portfolio


If you are a visual artist; painter, sculptor, photographer who wants to have a formal digital presence,  this article is for you. Your online portfolio website is your digital footprint. Art collectors, potential customers and art galleries need to review your up to date artworks and resume. Today, an online art portfolio with an elegant presentation and web design is a great digital head start.

but what do we mean by an elegant presentation? The followings should be considered as golden rules for a good art portfolio:

High quality artwork images

You need to put your artworks in an appropriate, well designed envelope with high quality images.


Updated version of your resume

You do not want your audience to see an outdated version of your CV. You have recently presented your art works in an art exhibition or created new artworks and you may want to see them to the world. Another scenario: You have obtained new art certificates and awards. You need a way to keep your online portfolio good looking and up to date.

Well-designed information flow and story

The highly important fact that is sometimes being forgotten is the power of story. Every individual, company or business have a unique interesting story; we are the creatures who love to listen to other people’s stories. The way you present the content is as important as the visual design. All we need is your story and a well designed information architecture.





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