Product Design & Web Design

Product Design

Our product design team helps technology incorporations and start-ups to find the best design solution regarding their business goals. Our expert designers are ready to help you.

As Design thinking process suggests, our design process starts with firstly understanding user needs, environment and behavior. Then we define the problem and give ideas in brain-storming session(s), we make prototypes from the selected ideas and then we test those prototypes. This is an iterative process and sometimes we need to move back and forth several times in order to achieve the desired goal. You may learn more about Design Thinking process reading Design Thinking article from the Interaction Design Foundation.


Web Design

Our web design team helps you to perfectly introduce your profession through expert consulting and exquisite design. A well-designed website would be an official way of presenting your work while you may add your new professional achievements to keep it up to date.

In order to design your website, we start with understanding your profession or business, its needs and the new opportunities for your business online. This process is often associated with some market research and benchmark. Then we come up with some design ideas and prototypes and we continue working with you as a team to come up with the best design solution.



Product Design Projects

Showcasing 2 Projects

Avinar De-Fi Crowdfunding

Avinar application wireframe

Avinar system provides a blockchain based platform through which the charities and NGOs can present philanthropic projects and start the crowdfunding process. The whole process will be done in a transparent manner. Here you can view the product design case study for Avinar project.

At-Home Lab Test

The at-Home-Lab app is designed to enable users order and schedule Lab tests to be taken at their home. The app offers a wide spectrum of the lab tests including the Covid19 test and regular checks for chronic diseases